A little bit of magic

Magnolia and Dolphin


I wanted to say thank you to every one for your lovely comments and appreciation of my latest exhibition titled “Reflet de votre propre opinion” I have had so many people come to speak to me about my art over the past week and congratulate me that it has been very encouraging. This has been my  forth exhibition in France in two years and I have never had so much positive feed back. My exhibition will be taken down from the Bibliothèque de la Faculté de Montpellier , Institut Protestant de Théologie this Saturday and i will begin to prepare for my next exhibition.  Thanks to all from Roisin

Artist with bachelors degree in science looking to work with scientist to publish drawings. Will do fist drawing for free.

Hello to all my adoring fans. 😉 Having had my latest science exhibition this year in Poitier i would like to offer to do science drawings. I do love to draw. I will do the first drawing fro free and if a drawing takes only a half hour I will not charge. However if the drawing takes more than an hour they will cost 10 euro or a price can be reached together to find a good price depending on the amount. My goal is to a science drawings published by the end of 2015. I would love to work with the scientists first hand so do email me at roisinbud@gmail.com. Planche insectes